the photograph of the scene

I think that it can photograph finely if it photographs by forelight (light has hit from the photographic subject’s front) when photoing a scene with a digital camera.
Probably, it is good in fixing the body by fence, a signboard, etc., if camera shake is worrisome.
The tips photographed well change also according to a scene to photo.
For example, in the time of photographing the time of liking to photograph the mountain range of autumnal leaves, and a night view, the point which it should be careful of is different.
A satisfying photograph may be able to be taken when the tips photoed well beforehand are prepared, if the scene to photograph was decided.
If exposure adjustment and adjustment of a white balance are carried out, the photograph with which atmosphere is different can be taken.
If PL (polarization) filter and a wide-angle lens are used, the photograph of the scene more in character with a pro will be able to take a photograph.
If a scene is photoed by a backlight, it will be good in interrupting so that a solar light may not strike upon a lens.
Although an easy method also holds up a hand, if the thing which stuck black cloth soon in pasteboard or the bottom is prepared, it will become difficult to generate a ghost (the light which carried out diffused reflection is reflected and crowded in the form of an iris diaphragm), and the flare (the light which carried out diffused reflection darkens a photographic subject).
Since shutter speed becomes slow and especially camera shake happens easily when photoing a night view, let’s use a tripod, or fix a camera firmly and take a photograph by a self-timer.
After the focus is correct perfectly or taking a photograph, it is necessary to check.
It is better to have carried out expansion reproduction and for whether camera shake has occurred to check.
I can take the photograph of the impression which is different when photography mode is changed, and think it effective to change a white balance.